More information about the operating model

How does 24 Pesula [24 Laundromat] operate?

All 24 Pesula locations function as self-service laundries. Visiting the self-service laundry is easy and comfortable. No reservations needed, whenever a machine is free it is available for your use.

What can I wash?

In our laundry services, the machines have been divided into high spin cycle washing machines and rug washers

In our washing machines, you can wash almost any textile in half an hour. There are three sizes of washers to choose from: standard- (9 kg), big- (14 kg) and giant size (19 kg). Pricing for every machine is less than 1 EUR / kg with optium load. The criteria for optimum load for all washing machines is met, when there is still room for your hand between the laundry and the top of the drum.

In our rug washers, you can wash your household rugs in a quick and affordable manner. You can wash at least two large livingroom rugs (170 x 200 cm) at once.

All wash programs take only 30 minutes, and include a non-odored and allergytested laundry detergent. All machines have a high spin cycle, that quaranties a good wash result. Unfortunately, you can not wash horserugs or oily textiles at 24 Pesula. Using your own washing detergent is not recommended. You will find the addresses for the service points and the opening hours in the Locations page.


Laundry can be dried in tumble dryers in 15 - 40 minutes.

Drying rugs and larger textiles is easy in our lockable drying lockers. In the drying locker, your rugs and textiles will dry in 24 hours.

Laundry detergent

The laundry detergent is included in the price of all programs, and it is automatically administered. The laundry detergent we use has passed allergy tests, and is unscented. We do not use fabric softener or bleach with any washing programme. 


You can pay for the washing and drying by feeding coins directly into the machine or making a payment with your phone.

Coins - 20c, 50c, 1e and 2e coins

• Phone - each machine has its own payment service number, and by calling that you can start the machine. The price will be added to your following phone bill. Service provider Elisa

• Card payment – Available in every 24 Pesula within 2017

When you need help

If you can't solve the problem by following the user instructions, contact our 24/7 maintenance service number, which you can find on the wall of all our laundromats.

Comfort and safety

You can wait for the laundry to be ready in our clean and comfy laundromat, or go shop your groceries while our machines do their work. All laundromats have 24/7 video surveillance.

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